Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Do What?

I thought I had a firm grasp on the concepts taught yesterday, but as it is I'm not so sure. I did get using containers down pat and will use them in the classroom. I think the students will enjoy using the pen to find answers. I could use it on a quiz or objectives.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

getting the hang of it

I have mastered several activboard concepts today. I now know how to attach a video or file to my flipchart. I can link a flipchart to another flipchart, make objects pop, and make containers. These concepts will make my instruction interesting and engage the students. Interactive quizzes and tests would be another great use.

Activstudio Learning

I suppose everything that I was taught was somewhat new learning. Some of the info could be related to other often used applications, but some of it was completely forgein. I love the idea of having notes, PowerPoint and streaming video all in the same place. Students are kept engaged using the different modes of instruction and with everything connected there is less down time.

Monday, June 23, 2008

1st day

Today was exciting and a little scary! I was relieved to see familiar faces. I had a productive day and learned the basics of the activboard technology. I'm a little apprehensive when it comes to in-depth technology skills, but the class went smoothly and I walked away confident. I wish I could have played around using the tutorial at home, but it was not to be. I have given some more thought to my flip chart and I think the idea I went with today was too simplified. I have a detailed concept to work on tomorrow.